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AcouSYS (English)

A software for the prediction of the acoustic performance of buildings or transports multi-layered systems

Designed to fit the needs of building industry, this software allows to easily compute acoustic performances of complex multi-layered structures.


  • Ergonomic – User-friendly interface
  • Exhaustive – Large material database
  • Reliable – Direct comparison with normalized laboratory measurements


Selecting the corresponding configuration

For building systems (single walls, double walls, partitions with metal sections, ETICS, floating screeds, mineral wools, insulating under-layers, ceilings, noise barriers, etc.) and transports (floors, doors, sandwich panels, etc.).

Choosing the materials

Access to a large material database (steel, aluminium, concrete, polystyrene, plaster, mineral wool, metal sections). Materials are sorted per families, among which:

  • Fluids - air, water, etc.
  • Isotropic solids - plaster, foam, metal, concrete, engineered wood, glass, coating, etc.
  • Orthotropic solids - stiffened plates, hollow masonry, etc.
  • Viscoelastic materials - adhesive, bitumen, etc.
  • Poroelastic materials (Biot-Allard model) – mineral wool, wood fibers, bio-sourced products (hemp, cotton, straws, etc.).
  • Double porosity materials – poroelastic materials with inclusions.
  • Perforated materials
  • Frames – metal sections, wood, etc.

Gain instantaneous access to a given material properties through simple research among families, manufacturers or key-words or freely enrich your database with self-defined products!


First, model your multi-layered system by specifying materials input data as well as thicknesses for each layer. Then, the computational model is fast and automatically assembled and solved by the software, within the framework of the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM).

Available post-treatment indicators are, for example:

  • Sound reduction index R
  • Sound reduction improvement index ΔR, STC
  • Acoustic absorption coefficient α, NRC et SAA
  • Impact noise level Ln, IIC
  • Impact noise level improvement ΔL
  • Rainfall noise level LiA
  • Transmission loss associated with an excitation resulting from a turbulent boundary layer (Corcos model)
  • Normalized single number rating Rw(C;Ctr), Ln,w, αw, LiA
Acousys allows easy display and comparison of either multiple simulations or measurements and constitute a comprehensive tool for fast parametric studies or optimizations.

Did you know? Comparison between simulation outputs and measurements from the  LABE – European Building Acoustics Laboratory is straightforward.


The built-in module for partitions with metal sections
allows to take into account the vibratory short-circuit resulting from frame elements by coupling the TMM with Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA).

  • Display and interpretation with the module “Partitions”:
  • 3D display of the multi-layered structure
  • Narrow band or 1/3 octave band over 20-10000 Hz
  • Single number rating Rw(C;Ctr), Ln,w, αw, LiA (ISO 717-1, ISO 717-2, ISO 11654, ISO 140-18)
  • Easy import of measurements for fast comparison
  • Automatic report generation
  • Data export module
  • Data export directly into AcouBAT

Innovations within AcouSYS V3.0 :

  • Creation of homogenized equivalent materials from multilayered shells, stiffened plates or hollow elements such as alveolar bricks
  • Upper and lower limits included into the database for known products
  • Addition of double porosity materials into the database
  • North American single number ratings 

Minimal requirements:

  • Processor: PC Pentium 1 GHz
  • RAM : 512 Mo
  • Display: SVGA - Resolution 1 024 x 768 

Operating systems:

  • Windows 2000®
  • Windows XP®
  • Windows Vista®Windows 7®
  • Windows 8® 

Software available either in French or English.

Consult case studies conducted with AcouSYS
View validation Booklet


Acoustic prediction software at the building scale.

AcouBAT allows to predict airborne, impact or equipment related sound insulation within the building. Transfer of system performances from AcouSYS to AcouBAT is straightforward and allows the direct evaluation of the building performance consequence of the system design created within AcouSYS.

More about AcouBAT 


Training ACO6: Optimizing the acoustic performance of a multi-layered system with AcouSYS

Objectives : 

  • Quickly be able to evaluate the acoustic performance of multi-layered systems
  • Understand the underlying physical approaches (TMM, SEA, etc.)
  • Evaluate the limits and validity of obtained results
  • Heighten awareness on the quality of input data and means of acquisition
  • Give a global overview of the new features: ergonomics, extended database, updated standards, etc.

More about the training, Training AC06 program.

Available in English upon request


You wish to acquire AcouSYS and AcouBAT for an extensive study of the acoustic performance of one of your project?

The pack AcouSYS – AcouBAT provides two complementary tools for the evaluation of the acoustic performance from the system to the building scale. Together, they offer a time saving approach for finding technical solutions which are compliant with current regulations.

The pack AcouSYS-AcouBAT includes one AcouSYS license as well as one AcouBAT license with 10% discount

The 10% discount applies to prices excluding VAT for single-user or multi-user licences.

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You wish to purchase the AcouSYS software and to follow a training session to be able use it more efficiently ? Choose the AcouSYS – TRAINING PACK !

The pack AcouSYS - TRAINING includes one AcouSYS license with 10% discount

The 10% discount applies to prices excluding VAT for AcouBAT single-user or multi-user licenses and to the training session AC06
: Optimizing the acoustic performance of a multi-layered system with AcouSYS- CSTB Training course.

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This software is commercialized by the on-line CSTB Éditions boutique. To order this software,  please click here

For a multi-user or educational version of the software, please  contact us